About Us


Infant / Toddler [0 month to 30 months]

Our full day Infant, Toddler program focus on the development of the child as they grow. Each day, the children will have the chance to participate in the areas of sign language, literacy, a group learning circle, music, sound and movement circle with songs and games, indoor/outdoor play and much more! We have full-time and part-time spaces available in our Infant, Toddler.

Infant and Toddler Curriculum:
•        Development into Social Beings
•        Development into Strong and Healthy Bodies
•        Development of the Ability to Communicate
•        Development of Curious Minds

Daily Schedule
7:30 – 8:30 drop-offs, welcome children, free-play and/or structured-play, trains, story-time, etc
8:30 – 9:00 breakfast, clean-up/wash-up
9:00 – 9:30 circle-time
9:30 – 10:00 arts and crafts, story-time, various learning games
10:00 – 10:30 music, song and dance, tumbling exercises
10:30 – 12:00 outside play-time
12:00 – 12:30 free-play and/or structured-play
12:30 – 1:00 lunch time, clean-up/wash-up, brush teeth, and get on mats
1:00 – 3:00 rest-time and/or quiet-time
3:00 – 4:00 free-play and/or structured-play, puzzles, books, various learning toys, etc.
4:00 – 4:30 afternoon snack, clean-up/wash-up
4:30 – 5:30 pickups, outside play (depending on season), coloring, play-dough, toys, story-time, etc

Preschool / full time & part time child care [2.5 years TO 5 Years]

Once children are 2.5 years old, they then graduate to our preschool based full day Child Care Program.  Each of our programs offers children a wide variety of hands-on learning experiences, while striking a balance between relatively structured and unstructured activities. The children have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of educational activities that will encourage their SPICE. Our programs offer activities and materials that focus on a bi-weekly or monthly theme.

Within the Child Care Program, we provide many opportunities for the children to join together as a group.
Each child is unique individual, Our aim is that each child that graduates from the Child Care Program and moves on to next level – kindergarten, will be prepared both socially , emotionally and intellectually.
We have preschool / full time & part time spaces available in our facility.

Preschool/Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum (3-6 years):
•        Personal and Social Development
•        Approaches to Learning
•        Creative Arts
•        Early Language and Literacy
•        Health and Physical Education
•        Mathematics
•        Science
•        Social Studies

Advanced Beginnings Curriculum (ABC) continues the Delta Daycare’s mission statement of “focusing on developing physical, emotional, social and cognitive skills through well organized, structured curriculum designed to stimulate the children’s own creativity, imagination and independence.” The learning experiences the children will participate in are made to keep the  ideals of child development and education. ABC contains age-appropriate experiences that encourage creativity, the use of social skills, increase language development, and supports use of personal care skills. Each theme expands on the knowledge the children already have while creating new experiences for them to explore. The curriculum will include newsletters to help keep the parents and teachers communicating to increase learning experiences outside of the classroom.

Daily Schedule

7:00am    Daycare Opens!
Free play in a structured manor, rotating through different activities at tables and carpet area, free art project
9:35am    Clean Up Time
The children are encouraged to clean up their activities promoting independence.
9:45am    Snack Time
10:00am    Morning Circle
Greetings, Choosing helping hand, Calendar, Theme, Phonics, Math & Sight Words (includes singing & dancing, concept games and story time)
10:40am    Study Time & Art
11:30am    Outside Play
PE on Wednesdays
(Science & Little Chefs once a month)
12:00pm    Lunch Time
12:45pm    Clean Up
Children clean up from lunch and get ready for nap time
1:00pm    Rest Time
Read a story to the children
1:45pm    Quiet Activites
(colouring, puzzles, FMS, free art etc)
2:45pm    Wake Up Time
3:00pm    Afternoon Snack Time
3:15pm    Afternoon Circle
Music & Movement, Story-time, Show & Tell & recap of the day
4:00pm    Outside Play Time
4:45pm    Inside
Table activities
6:00pm    Daycare Closed

Before and after school program [5 years to 12 years]

In this program children will experience fun, exciting activities that are aimed to meet the needs of each child.
Our aim is to provide a safe and fun educational program so children have the opportunity to discover the fun of learning through play and structured learning, Were children recognize and celebrate positive self and social skills such as patience, helpfulness, kindness, cooperation and independence.

After school program involves: snack, free play time, staff-led activities, indoor games, outdoor games [as nature permit] gym time, singing dancing, drama, reading, video games, homework time [if child want to do] and much more.


Summer Break

Delta Daycare Summer camp – July and August (2.5 to 12 years)
During the 2 months of summer break, Delta Daycare provides care for children with different activities,. Our programs are all about guided choice for children.. we provide a fun filled schedule which includes field trips, walks to nearby parks, library, movie theaters, swimming.

Winter Break

Delta Daycare Winter care for 1 week before Christmas (2.5 to 12 years)
One week off from school, right before Christmas is one of the exciting times of the year. While waiting for Christmas Eve, time is spent decorating the centre, baking goodies, making crafts and singing songs and Christmas sweets.

Spring break

Delta Daycare – Spring Break care for 2 weeks (2.5 to 12 years)
During the school closure 2 weeks of Spring break, Delta Daycare provides all day care for the children. We make Spring break a safe and fun place to be. Our staff members carefully plan the day with every child’s needs and interests in mind