About Us

About Us

Childcare, education and fun in a safe, positive setting. At Delta Daycare, we do more than basic childcare. We help children grow and learn, so they will be successful and happy.

Delta Daycare is based on our firm belief that licensed private home daycare is the most beneficial form of childcare. The smaller number of children affords us the ability to offer each child personal attention and to ensure we meet their individual needs and the inviting home environment gives the children a level of comfort that is like being at home. We are committed to inspiring the children in our care and to helping them grow and develop intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

At Delta Daycare, we know that a quality early childhood education provides a great foundation for success in school. We offer an organized schedule of daily activities which include creative components, like art and music, as well as early academic components like reading, writing and math, with appropriate activities for all ages and stages of development. A combination of independent and group activities encourages the development of both cooperative and leadership skills. We place a great emphasis on getting outside for fresh air and exercise and we utilize both our enclosed yard with its safe, new play structure, as well as the nearby playground.

Frequent small outings to nearby locations inject variety into our routine and we also involve fun field trips, such as a Halloween trick or treating, Pumpkin Patch Adventure, and Easter Egg Hunt (etc).

In the interest of promoting the health and wellness of the children in our care, we have a dietitian who visits once a month to go over the children’s diets and provide nutrition recommendations and advice to parents. We also keep a close watch on the children’s everyday health, making sure parents are informed of any changes or issues that may be of concern.

We view caring for children as a privilege and we take the responsibility very seriously. At Delta Daycare, your child will be warmly cared for and encouraged, being supported in their challenges and championed for their successes.

Our Mission

At Delta Daycare, our mission is to provide quality childcare and early childhood education that allows children to grow, develop and gives their parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing their children are well-cared-for and content.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have children we care for achieve personal growth and learn important life skills in a collaborative environment, so that they will leave our care and be prepared for future success in school.